My New Mission Statement

Be excellent to each other. Spend your days truly hoping for the best for everyone. I know what you're thinking, some people don't deserve the best, but to those of you who don't deserve the best, stop being a dick and start deserving the best already. All you have to do to deserve the best is to sincerely hope for the best for all people. Drink to the good times, throw your arms round your friends and out-live the pope. There are lots of amazingly talented people coming and going through our lives, and with the age of mechanical reproduction of art, you can't ignore their techno. Feel blessed for living in an age where art and science rally together to create a passion amongst people to appreciate the different assembleable textures that this universe has to offer In the end technology, onto the world will set us free. Feed off of good vibes. One of the reasons I love dogs so much is this... Did you ever see how excited a dog gets when it sees another dog? Even if they've had their nards cut off and it's purely plutonic! Imagine the insight of a dog to get spazstically excited about the potential of another. If humans acted the same way as we went about our day we'd have alot better vibes. Seriously, let good vibes nourish you and help you grow into a giant of mythic good will. A few weeks ago I spoke about how god is created in part by the relationship created when words bridge peoples' minds. Well there's another half to that god model (or godel for those of you scoring at home, or even if you're alone). It's passion. The universe's spirit is created by the passion of the living. Is there anything more spiritual than passionate exuberance? Rejoice in your beliefs. Celebrate God. The fact that we're not alone in this universe is heartwarming and delightfully silly and can help you take things alittle less seriously during the day. Celebrate the absence of god. The fact that life spontaneously began and evolved in physics-filled universe that has no idea it's caddying a passionate laughing crying synthesis of love is just about the most amazing thing imagineable. Don't just stop and smell the flowers, make smelling the flowers the reason for your existence, and make everything else just a supporting role to smelling the flowers with the ones you love. Celibrate the subtleties of the universe. Observe the patterns both familiar and unfamiliar. There are lots of tiny arrangements in the world that exist only to make you smile. Don't think of yourself as simple if you can stop what you're doing and attain joy over thinking about contrast between two colored leaves or the past and future of a row of houses. Celibrate the generosity of the human sprit. For examples of the generosity of the human spirit simply look to movies like Waking Ned Devine, Millions, and Trust; look to performers like Pearl Jam, Gordon Downie, and Bill Hicks; and friends like Paul Tsikitas, Tom Margaretta, Chris Panna, and anyone else who delights in the laughter of all people--we're all ritcher for having seen them. Raise your glasses high into the air and breathe the cooling warmth of excellence in a style that only you can make your own and then share with the ages. And for the love of god, share it. The one miracle about the over-population pandemic is that with each human thought of humor, drama, care, and generosity, something like heaven dawns on earth. Consider doing what I've been doing lately. During my lunch hour I take a walk and even though I'm plugged into an interesting sort of social evil, where I sell my warm body and inspirability to a desk, I smile and shed a tear as I think about the overwhelming excellence of everyone I know, both individually and combined. The most brilliant resource we have is the greatness of each other. Never ignore a man's courtesy or potential for true life. Raise your glasses high into the air of the Irish countryside, even if you're not there, and leave the tyrrany and bullshit behind, if only for a few moments, as you smile with the brotherhood of man.


Dr. Ryan P. Carey, D.D.S. said...

Sorry for this embarrasingly indulgent and more poorly organized than ever blog post. I have this thing about life and death and during the day I spend a great deal of time recognizing that I'm incredibly lucky to have the chance to speak my mind, and should I accidentally die tomorro I wouldn't want to not have said things like this... But now even though posts like these are sort of annoying, I feel I can breath just alittle bit easier should anything happen to me and I worry about things left unsaid.

Paul Tsikitas said...

I'd have to say that you, Ryan Carey, have said one of the most profound things I have ever heard. Reading that reminded me of a cinematic venture at the end of a Woody Allen film where even the most awkward man to ever live can even strike a chord in the hearts of everyone. And you are someone to look to for a lot of inspiration. I thank you for the kudos, but you must realize, without people like you, people like me wouldn't get the praise. I appreciate it and I want to steal your words and live by them every waking moment of my life.