A brief dedication...

This goes out to my favorite moment in every episode of House, MD (definitely my favorite show). The moment I'm talking about, that all of you who are familiar with the show know well... Occurs a tad over the three-quarters mark, when the medical case has appeared to reach an apex of complexity and mystery. During moments of frustration, an abstract phrase or sight will send House into what I like to call an 'inspiration seizure', where his head cocks oddly and he stares into space. Moments later he runs (and by runs, I mean ambles codgerly) to the patient, who is inevitably in the middle of his or her most elevated bleeding/choking/actual seizure yet, being busied about by the helpless other doctors and House smarmily explains his diagnosis in a frustratingly calm and metaphor-addled manner. Thankfully, I finally figured out how to capture a screen shot on my computer, so I can show you the face I'm talking about, also known as the 'money shot'...

I'll transcript the average inspiration seizure moment for you:

House: Too bad that poor hottie doesn't have a chance in hell.
Wilson: I really could go for a sandwich...
House: [stares into space, gets up suddenly and leaves the room... marches over to the patient's room where hectic doctors are trying to sedate the patient while she violently vommits fire-ants] I told you that everybody lies, and that includes patients about their histories. [grabs patient's head and wrings it to the side] Which boyfriend were we picnicking with this time?? [jams needles into her neck] That'll drain the applesauce... she'll still be high from the poppy-seeds for a few hours, in the morning she can go home.
Cameron: House, you're a genius.
House: I hate my boss.

House kinda makes me wonder why i haven't gotten farther in life. Not enough pills, sarcasm and sexual harasment, perhaps... More of each and I'd be a real dolphin dentist? The cold hard fact is that I'm hoping to be able to drink again soon, stay tuned for details.

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