An Excerpt from Bill Oreilly's Latest Book

"I don't want people to think that I hope NOBODY in the lower class gets insurance. Mail-room workers and dock clerks can get just as huge a prostate as Haliburton's CEO, Dick Cheyney. I know MY prostate has gotten so huge, I can't even sit down--while, at the same time, it's so big that I can never truly NOT be sitting. The kind of feeling that you get from a urination when your man-pentagon is as big as a 1980's cellphone is somewhere between sweet-stinging and clapping. I took a piss break just the other day and it felt like I was giving a standing ovation to a dizzy operretta called The Marriage of Urinal. The point being, if you want to grow up without a good education and then slack around your adult years working manual labor for low pay and a pension like a Flint Michagen mall-fountain, don't expect me to foot the bill for your golden latrene when the doctors have to shove a camcorder through your urethra just to break up the painful inner roller-disco." -Bill Oreilly in A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity

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