Problem Drinker's Road Trip Planner

One of my best friends has a past which some would call.... behaviorally problematic during ingestion of ethanol. Having recently cleared up his liscence probation in his home state of Pennsylvania, he's probably interested in going on the road trip we'd always talked about doing. I'm married now so that's out of the question for me, but he should have a great time on his own!

Unfortunately, the amount of states he wouldn't be allowed to drive through due to having been there before while intoxicated (or HBTBWI) is something of a burden. Luckily, Google Apps has developed a Problem Drinker's Road Trip planner. Simply enter your driver's liscence number into Google's new App and it will carve out a route which will allow you to drive coast to coast while avoiding those pesky states where outstanding warrants and suspended driving priveledges await you with handcuffs and state-appointed lawyers. I entered my friend's liscence number (we'll call him.... Kevin!) and in a few seconds it spit out a perfect 7200 mile, 18 day drive from sea to shining sea. Check it out!

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