This is a bit embarrassing.

I know that deep down, there's a portion of your brain which--after various quantities of contemplation on the issue--is unable to understand the popularity of facials.

I told you this would be embarrassing, and furthermore, I hope that this doesn't bring the wrong type of web traffic to my precious web log.

However, I have the mixed blessing of completely understanding the appeal of... facials... (there's a sentence making my parents wish they had never gotten us the internet in 8th grade.)

Furthermore, this is not a matter of taste, and I'm not simply explaining why they appeal to me (which, for the most part, they don't). I'm explaining why some people enjoy viewing or doing them.

Okay here goes....


Okay so at some point in the history of adult videos, people realized that the traditional manner of climax turned out to be, cinematically speaking... anti-climactic. As "money" as it was in real life, it just didn't translate that well on film. However, when some dude unloaded all over a young lady's face, it was, for better or worse, visually dramatic. Far moreso than when he buried it where it couldn't be seen. Turns out, more visually dramatic = more effective films.

Okay so that's why it's in the videos, but why is it popular in the bedrooms?

Well, for one thing, I don't know exactly how popular it is there. Probably significantly less popular, if I were to place a wager.

But it's still more popular than it should be (if I can make the rare judgement call). And the reason for this is that a lot of people (males in particular) experience sexuality on video long before they experience it with other humans.

Just as child-molesters face a statistical likelihood of previous victimization, people get trained by their earliest sexual memories. And if half the men in America were watching pornos before they were getting laid, there's a good chance that the fuck-Fellini's added that little bit of superfluous superfluidity (it's like the pyro at a Kiss concert) into guys' sexual realities.

A friend of mine told me he used to be into bush for years and years because the first time he ever saw a naked lady in a sexual context, it was in a flick from 1979, and so the rest is history.

I'm not going to go on and on about this. You get what I'm saying. Adult videos are setting guys up to want weird things in the bedroom, and I hate to say it but it's not going away. You can expect this kind of behavoir from more and more guys as the Internet skyrockets the amount of males who watch inappropriate videos at a young age. I'm not saying that women have to put up with it, but I'm just saying that this is a type of social devolution that does not necessarily make your boyfriend some misogynistic dickhead.

BTW this is in no way agenda-driven, I just heard the umpteenth person say, "I don't get it" and I want you to know there's a reason.

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