Fox News: "What if Tebow Were Muslim?"

Jenifer Floyd Engel says, "If Tim Tebow were a muslim, the media would not tolerate mockery."

Why can we mock a Christian, when it would cause outrage to mock a Muslim?
Why are Christians always facing persecution?
Why is it okay to have a war on Christmas?
Why is it okay for black people to use the "N"-word but not us?

These are the general types of questions that are central to Fox News' and right-wing talk radio's programming. They say, "This country was FOUNDED on Christrian values." This is true! So why is it okay to mock Christianity? Why is it okay for people to mock the dominant institutions in society?

Let's pretend this country is a highschool. You're in class. Let's say a special-needs student walks into the classroom and falls on his face. Later, a nerdy mathlete without many friends walks into the classroom and falls on this face. Finally, the quarterback of the football teams walks in after banging a cheerleader in the bathroom; he makes fun of the gay kid, then he falls on his face.

Which kid is it the most okay for you to laugh at?

Now let's look at our country. You have Christians, Muslims and Jews. Which student was the Christian? Which student was the nerd? Which was the special-needs student?

Laughter is natural, but the artifice of satire exists to neutralize those of a higher stature. Comedian Gary Gulman recently talked about the trend in comedy that he doesn't like where standups are making fun of the homeless. He says, "That's really not what comedy's about. Comedy probably started with poor people making fun of the royalty in order to make life easier."

Comedian Todd Glass said it best on the Comedy and Everything Else podcast:
"White people say, 'Why can THEY use the "N"-word and we can't?'

I know Christians feel persecuted. We all do. Most of us, by you. Just wait it out. At some point you'll realize that your churches aren't being taxed and your scriptures are still influencing public policy; you'll remember how internationally popular you are and how historically oppressive you've been and you'll agree that a little harmless Tebowing really aint all that bad.

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leo said...

Holy shit, this is the most clear-minded and sensical Ryan P. Carey has ever been.

Well said.