The Amber Tamblyn Files

Hollywood's favorite "attractive with an aura of pathetic" semi-leading lady has been keeping busy with a number of film and TV roles that are quite stereotypically Amber Tamblyn. Let's look at some titles and synopses of her upcoming films.

Alright, Fine! (2013, The Weinstein Company)

Amber Tamblyn plays a playwright with the opposite of writer's block. She has so many ideas, in fact, that she becomes overwhelmed and unable to settle on one story. Along comes Jessie Eisenberg, an obsessive compulsive botanist who needs a change of scenery, but gets uncomfortable when not surrounded by horticulture. Can their relationship nurture her next play into a cohesive, singular plot-line? Woody Allen Directs.


Emily Quartermain (2013, Universal)

The Amber Tamblyn story starring Abigail Breslin as Amber Tamblyn, co-starring Amber Tamblyn as Amber Tamblyn's aunt, Tammy Hammelman. This biopic about the successful young actress and her early days on General Hospital highlights the highs and lows of childhood semi-stardom.


Nun the Less (2014, Fox Searchlight, The Weinstein Company)

An aspiring Sister of St. Augustine begins reading Neitche and starts to question her faith. In addition to philosophy, she begins to feel temptation towards one of the social workers involved with her community outreach program, played by James Franco. Diablo Cody directs.


Ham-Fisted (2014, MGM)

Amber Tamblyn loves animals. She's committed to animal rights, but she's about to inherit a meat-packing facility. Will she liquidate the company, laying off many hundreds of employees in a small struggling community? Or will she swallow her conscious for the greater good of the economy? The answer may not surprise you!


Hai Coup (2017, The Weinstein Company)

Can one poetry contest stop an assassination? Jessisca Weiss (Amber Tamblyn) discovers a deadly plot against the president (Daniel Craig). But this knowledge threatens her very life. Her only way to warn the Commander in Chief is a message encoded within a haiku she crafts--but it must win the National Poetry Competition in order to be read by the president. Her biggest road-block? Former lover Richard Willoughby (James Franco) wants to enter the competition with a sonnet--which SHE inspired! A damned good sonnet! Will he help or halt her quest to get a poetic warning into the president's hands? Tamblyn channels her real life dabbling in verse to lend a realistic blend of passion and stultification to her lyrical emblazonry. Co-directed by Joel & Ethan Coen, Woody Allen and Diablo Cody.

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