Chad Daniels "You're The Best"

Alternative comics tend to get a bit of a pass for modest punch lines as long as their premises are wildly unique. It’s pretty post-modern that the brave move in today’s comedy world seems to be risking well-trodden topics like airline-flights and having children, because in the world of high-speed internet it’s not a good time to get branded a hack. Brian Reagan has talked about comedy as a mining expedition; sometimes you have to go into these mines that would seem to be completely tapped out and emerge with gold. Louis CK also helped pave the way, showing that if you keep your comedy super-personal, the leap of faith into a topically familiar mine-shaft will pay off.

Chad Daniels follows up his 2009 Busy Being Awesome with a beefy sophomore showing. You’re The est is funny end to end despite its patently routine subjects. Daniels hangs out at the airport and living room, confidently tearing through relatable anecdotes with poise, muscular punch lines and thorough ownership of the crowd.

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