Interview with Tom Green

For most of his career, Tom Green’s product could be summed up in one word: asinine. He was selling pure obnoxiousness, and satisfying that voice in our heads as we go through highscool, college and cubicle which asks — what would it be like if I never stopped acting like a nine-year-old?
Bizarely, though — and perhaps troublingly — Tom Green is not an idiot.
This notion is difficult to swallow, because what made Tom Green’s shtick funny was that, in concept, it was never more than shades away from being completely and genuinely pointless. In a pitch meeting, nothing he ever did would have been funny on paper. It was always so theoretically stupid that its comedy was transcendental by result of it’s actual existence. 
[For the record, this conversation that I had with Green completely un-does everything I thought I knew about him a year ago -- a set of opinions on which this entire piece was more or less centered.]

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