24 Hour Web-Surf for Pancreatic Cancer: Inari Sami

These last few hours of my fundraising marathon were fairly frantic. First, I saw that I had reached my goal of $1,000 at around 2pm, and in somewhat emotionally heavy fashion.  Then, I had to get a ride with my wife to the gym--surfing on my iPhone the entire time, even as I walked 1 mph on a treadmill simply to avoid the blood-clots that might normally accompany a man of my heft during any 24-hour sit-a-thon. This scenario made it difficult to do my many remaining research jobs that I still owe some of you. I still have more than five hours to get done Danno's horrific questionnaire about Chinese land-developments in the third world.

Thanks to everybody, friends old and new, who chipped in. There's something satisfying about this arbitrary goal that makes me feel like a decent human being for a time. It's been the best birthday of my life--I don't even want to get into how satisfying the sloppy work of surfing the web can be when all you have is time. But the simple joy of connecting with people over a good cause is something I haven't done as much of in my adult life.

Due to the sheer amount of technical work required for aggregating the combined web histories of the three different workstations I've used over the last several hours, I'd like to offer you my word that I've been surfing the net, and use as much of the remaining time doing the various research projects I promised to you doners. Stay tuned for more demonstrations of increased world-knowledge, and thanks again to everybody for all the support.

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