24 Hour Web-Surf: Halfway There!

I am twelve hours into my twenty-four hour web-surf. My retinas are starting to detach, and my ass is beginning to blue-shift towards the center of the earth. But I have to say, the time is flying by. I haven't yet noticed a particularly painful time-lag, and I haven't once approached boredom.

Right now I'm working on a presentation for one of my doners on Doug Flutie, the greatest American sports professional to ever live. That will be coming to completion probably in the next hour. I also watched a handful of Parks and Rec episodes on Hulu. I rocked the split-screen on that so I could "work" on my Flutie presentation simultaneously. Because that's what surfing the web is all about. It's all about noise.

It's been two hours since I updated my history, so here's history for the last two hours. I like the every-two hour plan. It seems to fit the general pace of internet traversing. If you haven't donated yet, I'm $200 away from my goal of $1,000, please visit www.gofundme.com/1irsx4.

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leo said...


Remember when Flutie seemed like a much more competent quarterback than his backup Drew Brees? Funny how things change.