It Begins...

I now embark on a 24 hour web-surf for Pancreatic Cancer. This is the "workstation" that I basically won't be leaving, with the exception of bathroom breaks, and iPhone-surf stationary-biking at the gym (in order to avoid blood-clots).

I will update this blog every hour with updates on world-knowledge that I've gleaned. Stay tuned for special powerpoint-style presentation videos describing in-depth subject-matter as part of my pledge-drive. If you would like for me to do thorough research on any topic, and then present you a generalist outline with contextualized details, visit my fundraiser page, and donate money.  As of right now, I am only $314.00 short of my $1,000 goal, and I hope to have reached my goal by the end of my 12:00am December 31st.

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