Interview with the Creators of "Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends"

You may have seen Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends on Funny or DIE.

The folks who produced it are Adrianna DiLonardo, Sarah Rotella and Zach Murray. It turns out they have a series of even more hilarious videos called The Unsolicited Project. It's a surrealist satire about the process of trying to make it in Hollywood. Watching the meme-able Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends back to back with the craftier, more substantial comedy of The Unsolicited Project makes ya really wonder about whether or not well thought-out video productions can compete with more obvious, short-attention-span clicks. In the mean-time, I got to shoot the shit with Zach, Adrianna and Sarah about all things Hollywood and sketch comedy.


Inappropriate Thesaurus: How is the Hollywood grind going for all you guys? Have you gotten any traction either individually or as a group as a result of the work you've done on The Unsolicited Project?

Zach: The Hollywood grind never ends no matter how well it goes. You pick up some really valuable bits of information along the way - for instance, CAA is the only agency with an automatic reply when you submit your resume. In fact, Ben from The Unsolicited Project has been known to continually send in his resume to them just so that his inbox is full of emails from CAA.

Adrianna: After the web-series, we produced "Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends" which went viral and we ended up signing on with Fullscreen Inc, a management company based in Los Angeles. We still work as assistants so the grind continues.

Inappropriate Thesaurus: Is it difficult for a produced video to go "viral", as opposed to bystander footage of a dog punching a toddler? Are people skeptical of internet videos that are "intentionally funny?"

Zach: Yes the attention span is not only short but shallow. So we can make a scripted web series that is only 2 minutes long, and I don't think it will have the success of a 20 second video of a cat watching a dog punch a toddler.

Adrianna: I would say producing a scripted video for the web is a lot more difficult to go viral as opposed to anything you would see on America's Funniest Home Videos. I think a lot of people just don't have the attention span to watch anything longer than 30 seconds, and everyone has a different sense of humor when it comes to scripted content (and they sure voice their opinion more online). Everyone laughs at cats videos on the internet, but a video with a political agenda or something niche as assistants in Hollywood, doesn't appeal to the same large spectrum of viewers.

Sarah: We produced the video Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends shortly after The Unsolicited Project, which went viral. I think there are two very different streams of YouTube: the "intentionally funny" and the "home video funny" (or the "the dumb section" as users call it). America's Funniest Home Videos was like the original YouTube but with technology becoming more user friendly, YouTube is a great way to produce work that has the opportunity to reach a larger audience than a lot of theatrically released films. That said, we always have our cute cat videos locked and loaded.

Inappropriate Thesaurus: Who are some of your favorite sketch comedians, and why?

Zach: I love all things Woody Allen - so his early 70s slapstick movies probably fit that bill, and his 60s standup.

Adrianna: My two favorites are Catherine O’Hara and Kristen Wiig, Both comedians are hysterical and talented. I think they are fantastic in sketches, and in film as well.

Sarah: Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig. No explanation needed.

Inappropriate Thesaurus: What various types of conspiracies do you think will emerge surrounding the retirement of the Pontiff?

Zach: He went way over his laundry budget. I'm hearing he's been having his robe pressed three times a day.

Adrianna: There are already so many "conspiracies" surrounding the Catholic Church, I'm sure it will just only get worse from here.

Inappropriate Thesaurus: Who is the funniest cast member on SNL during the new millenium era?

Adrianna: Hands down Kate McKinnon. And she's a newbie! We've been following her career for a while now since she appeared on The Big Gay Sketch Show. She's extremely talented, and I could definitely see her becoming the next Tina Fey or Kristen Wiig.

Sarah: KATE MCKINNON! We watched her skits in other shows and were so excited when we found out she was going to be on SNL. My second would be Fred Armisen. Portlandia is great and I love the skits he does in drag. It's very Kids in the Hall.

Inappropriate Thesaurus: If Harvy Weinstein has a secret army, where are they currently deployed?

Zach: He does, and they're currently deployed at every theater showing Silver Linings Playbook.

Adrianna: I'm pretty sure they make up the entire Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Inappropriate Thesaurus: How much student loan debt do you owe all together?

Sarah: I think all three of us have more debt from making films than from student loans.

Inappropriate Thesaurus: What did you think of Seth MacFarlane's Oscars?

Zach: As the feminist of the group, I must say I didn't appreciate the "we saw your boobs" number. Other than that, he was much better than Crystal. I was even laughing at Ted applauding the winners.

Adrianna: Personally I thought he was really funny, and one of the better hosts in the past couple of years. I know a lot of people are ripping on him for some of his sexist and racist jokes, but it's Seth McFarlene, what did they expect?

Sarah: I think it was very current, which was surprising for an Oscar show.

Inappropriate Thesaurus: Do you think The Onion should have appologized for calling the Quvenzhané Wallis a cunt?
Zach: I thought this was a no brainer - they shouldn't have tweeted it and an apology was needed. I was shocked and annoyed to hear some people use it as a sign that editorial freedom was somehow diminished by the whole ordeal. It was offensive, stupid, and a bad joke about a nine year old and The Onion has handled it well.

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