I Wear The Black Hat -- Klosterman Grapples with Villains

Chuck Klosterman gives us with this new book a series of essays that discuss various men and women (mostly men) ranging on a scale from the critically maligned (Fred Durst) all the way to very, very bad (Adolf Hitler). As you might imagine, the lion’s share of his focus resides on the less important but more playful end of that spectrum. To put it in perspective: O.J. Simpson serves as Hitler’s mini-boss, and Don Henley gets like 10 pages.

These passages don’t individually stand alone as well as those in Klosterman’s previous essay compilations, but rather serve as clothespins on a narrative string where he dissects the dirty laundry (if you will) of well-known figures and airs it out for everyone to get a whiff. He serves up Andrew Dice Clay, Julian Assange, Joe Paterno and Kim Dotcom, among others, as tributes to the court of public opinion.....


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