Confessions of an Elitist

I need the best methods for hunting moose. Fred has a liberal arts degree. Paul lives in rural Maine, he's been hunting for decades. I'm asking Paul because I'm an elitist.

I need to know which war movies are most realistic. Hardware store owner John fought in Iraq. Kyle has his masters degree in sociology. I'm an elitist, I'm asking John.

I need to know what kind of seed is best for farming okra. Larry is a writer for The New Yorker. Bill is a third generation farmer. Bill is the elite on this subject. I'm asking Bill.

I need to learn how to make a chair. Walter is a carpenter, Chris is a Harvard professor of economics. I'm deferring to Walter because elitism is the only sensible strategy for judging confidence in someone's knowledge.

Connotation is when words play directly on your emotions. Don't let yourself be taken advantage of.

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